Big battery

Large battery – the key to portability

Hidden cameras, and especially camera portable, with a fairly capacious battery, very successfully applied in our country for works hidden tracking the movement of people and goods in the territory of the protected object. However, as a rule, these are quite small, completely invisible devices, often can be found in the Toolbox of professionals tracking people: unfaithful wives (husbands), employees of the company. In a word - portable camera with a capacious battery will serve you well in any case, if we trace unnoticed for a long time.

Features of portable video devices

Modern standalone camera with a large battery of different categories of cost can quite significantly differ from each other by their technical characteristics and features. Video recorder can be both color and black-and-white as only night and only day. Although in recent years, more and more manufacturers are starting to pay attention to the release of cameras like day and night, which significantly facilitates the work with these devices.

Of course, you can buy a portable camera in Moscow relieving only in color, but it is worth remembering that this type of device requires a very good illumination, and video shot in the dark, will be of poor quality.

It is best just to buy the camera, working in black and white video, the device can be used not only in well-lit time of day. To conduct shooting at night, the camera can be adapted infrared illuminator that allows the device to obtain the desired picture.

It is worth remembering

When shopping on the Internet, or in any other place, it is always worth remembering that not all sellers of electronic equipment are the standards of honesty – you may give stale, or poor quality products over branded products.

This is impossible to say about our online store for hidden cameras, all products, sold through our network has all the necessary certificates. Our consultants will help you to choose necessary electronic go.


To buy a camera with a long lifespan, or another camera with long Autonomous operation time, such cameras operate exclusively from the battery, after you charge them. To help you understand the usual mini camera will last you more than 1 hours, It's camera is going to serve up to 7-14 days in the mode of constantly shooting, this is a good quality camera and long life of shooting, due to the fact that this increased camera battery, to buy a camera with extended battery in Moscow cheap You can in our store to go into the category of cameras with extended runtime.

In another they are called standalone camera. To buy a stand alone camera you need to know a little bit, for example the fact that a standalone camera has a larger battery than the usual mini camera, better make sure that this camera was the motion sensor. In the absence of a motion sensor, you need to understand that the location on a camera with an extended battery sooner or later will end, and you will have to watch the videos which might be overwritten by another video, because shooting on this camera designed for a long time.

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505-01 Mini WIFI camera portable battery c of procomer phone
7 350 р.

505-01 Mini WIFI camera portable battery c of procomer phone

Autonomous hidden mini camera has a battery capacity of 2500 mAh, which allows it to work actively up to 7 hours Thanks to a very compact size, it can be hidden anywhere, for example, in the eye of the toy. Smart mini camera with motion sensor has a Wi-Fi module, allowing to transmit images in real time on a phone or tablet, and can optionally save information on the MicroSD card.

4 900 р.
530-49 Mini portable WIFI camera cord with night shooting
10 000 р. Best

530-49 Mini portable WIFI camera cord with night shooting

Hidden FullHD 1080 camera can capture both day and night. The device operates from the internal battery capacity of 2500 mAh, and to save his expenditures equipped with a motion sensor. Get the picture smart mini camera transmits via Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet or computer, and in the absence of such necessity, may store the received information on the MicroSD card up to 128 GB.

5 990 р.
295-01 1080p Mini camera with extended battery up to 7 days of operation
Out of stock

295-01 1080p Mini camera with extended battery up to 7 days of operation

Spy camera in the form of screw has numerous installation options due to its compact size. It can take photos and shoot videos in FullHD 1080. There is also the possibility of recording sound in the area of 5 sq. m. To control the device remote control is used. Mini camera-screw has an angle of 140°, and the built-in battery capacity of 3800 mAh and her lack to 12 hours of battery life.

530-42 Mini camera to be worn on clothing
Out of stock

530-42 Mini camera to be worn on clothing

Miniature HD camera with Wi-Fi has a very compact size (only 6х2х1 cm) through which, and also the lens in the form of buttons, can be mounted on odeine without causing in others the suspicion that you have them removed. High-quality video with a resolution of 1920x1080 px can be viewed in real time on a mobile or tablet. It is also possible to use a memory card MicroSD.

HD1080P Easy DIV 4G Wi-Fi Security Camera
Out of stock
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