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GPS tracker for Pets: your pet is always with you

To lose home pet – a nightmare of any pet owner. However, without looking at all your precautions, your 'Bobby' or 'Murka' still manages to get lost somewhere in the big, scary city. In addition, if you are the proud owner of a purebred animal, then you can easily steal for ransom, or for resale – no matter how important your pet you will lose, perhaps permanently. A great help in the search for lost pet you will be gps tracker for animals. This high-tech device in real time will show you the location of the animal, to show it to you on the map.

Small in size, very lightweight gps tracker can be attached to the collar of a cat or dog that will not cause the animal any discomfort, will not have a detrimental effect on the health of the object. In addition, the gadget can be disguised, made as a stylish pendant, or pendants, such a device will not attract the desired attention. And so, to protect your pet – you just need to buy a tracker for animals, to connect it to your smartphone, to enjoy fellowship with your pet.

Not to be confused with a gps tracker placed under the skin of the animal chip is a completely different thing. Such chips are very rarely equipped with gps beacons, and are only for Pets and not for their tracing. The lighthouse is powered by the gps tracking can be used at any distance, as it transmits information via satellite.

The capabilities of gps systems

You have purchased the tracker for Pets has the following features:

 Determining the location of the pet with an accuracy of + - 5m;

 Leaving the object being monitored user-specified zone – areas defined by the owner as permitted;

 Tracking the physical activity of the animal.

Trackers are issued by manufacturers in several versions: small – for small dogs and cats, medium – for dogs of large size and small agricultural animals, large size for large farm animals – cows, horses.

Gps tracker for dogs and cats

This modification of the device for tracking refers to miniature, able to work in two different modes:

 Communication via satellite – high-precision determination of the location of the object;

 Based on the signals of cell towers, the approximate determination of the location of the object.

In high-precision mode tracker for tracking animals uses the largest amount of energy respectively the battery runs out much faster. Because this mode is best used only in the case of loss of the animal, in all other cases – use the energy saving mode, standard.

To save the battery charge will help, also, the sensor movement, if the pet is stationary, no data is transmitted when the animal starts moving, the transmission will continue. The frequency of sending and receiving information configures the owner of the monitored object. Miniature gps collar tracker for Pets able, depending on the chosen mode, to operate without recharging from 15 to 50 hours.

What tracker for Pets to buy in Moscow

As with any other purchase, buying a tracker to monitor the movement of four-legged friend, you should not unnecessarily save – cheap, non-original devices will not be able to give you all the full picture of the movements of your pet. If you choose a gps tracker for Pets to buy from unchecked distributor, in the end, can significantly overpay, or even to say goodbye to your little friend forever. It is best to buy gps trackers for Pets in our shop – here you can always count on the quality of the product, compliance with the stated parameters, the authenticity of the purchased go.

In addition, each buyer receives in our store substantial discounts on all products. So if you want to save money and buy gps tracker for animals in Moscow at a reasonable price, then you definitely us.


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307-01 GPS tracker for animal tracking collar
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307-01 GPS tracker for animal tracking collar

Smart tracker-dog collar is able to transmit a signal through GPS and GPRS, so you can always track where your pet is accurate to 5 meters. Cold start device is 45 seconds, whereby after switching it on, you'll be able to explore without worrying about what the animal will run away and get lost. The tracker in the collar may on one charge of Autonomous work up to 5 days.

TK909 GPS tracker TK-Star TK909 for dogs
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540-54 Magnetic mini GPS tracker SC907
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540-55 Personal GPS tracker real-time TK109
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540-66 Mini tracker TK909 pet
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